These are the upcoming events in Princess Connect! Re:Dive on the English/Worldwide server based on release dates on the Japanese server. These are only estimates and serve as a guide for upcoming events and what you may be able to expect. We will update this page with additional information as we learn about upcoming events.

Event Date Comments
Hatsune's Perfect Present Event
JP: 3/31/2018 ~ 4/19/2018
EN: 2/17/2021 ~ 3/7/2021
The first story event in the game. Features Hatsune and Shiori memory pieces. Arisa from Shadowverse is featured in pick up gacha.
Little Lyrical Adventures Event
JP: 4/30/2018 〜 5/21/2018
EN: 3/22/2021 〜 4/11/2021
The second story event in the game. Features Mimi and Misogi memory pieces. This event coincides with the release of Kyouka.
Vampire Hunters with Illya Event
JP: 5/31/2018 〜 6/19/2018
EN: 4/28/2021 〜 5/18/2021
This event features Maho and Kaori memory shards. This event also introduces Illya as a character you can obtain through gacha.
Dangerous Vacation Event
JP: 6/30/2018 〜 7/19/2018
EN: 6/3/2021 〜 6/22/2021
The summer event is the first event that comes with a free 1* character. You get a copy of Summer Kokkoro with completing the normal stages of the event. Memory shards for Summer Kokkoro and Saren appear in the hard stages and the treasure box.
Tamaki and Mifuyu’s Desert Island
0-Rupie Life! Event
JP: 7/31/2018 〜 8/19/2018
EN: 7/9/2021 〜 7/28/2021
The summer event is the second event that comes with a free 1* character. You get a copy of Summer Mifuyu with completing the normal stages of the event. In the memory shard pool is Summer Mifuyu and Akino.
Ironclad Nightmare Event
JP: 8/31/2018 〜 9/18/2018
EN: 8/18/2021 〜 9/5/2021
This event features the guild Nightmare. Memory shards for Jun and Yukari are up for grabs in the hard stages and the treasure box. Tomo is featured in the rate up gacha.
Trick or Pudding! The Promised
Halloween Party Event
JP: 9/30/2018 〜 10/18/2018
EN: 9/24/2021 〜 10/10/2021
The first Halloween event features a 1* Halloween Puddi(Miyako). The memory pieces are for Halloween Miyako and Yori. Halloween Shinobu is in the limited banner for gacha.
Twilight Breakers Event
JP: 10/31/2018 〜 11/14/2018
EN: 10/28/2021 〜 11/11/2021
This event features Anna and Mitsuki for memory pieces in both the hard stages and the treasure box. This event overlapped with the first PriFes in JP. You should really roll for Christina given the opportunity.
The Carol That Never Was Event
JP: 11/30/2018 〜 12/14/2018
EN: 11/22/2021 〜 12/6/2021
This Christmas event features 1* Christmas Kurumi which is given out for completing the event stages. The hard stages and treasure box features Chirstmas Kurumi and Nozomi memory shards.
New Year’s Day Twinkle Crisis!
JP: 12/31/2018 〜 1/14/2019
EN: 12/20/2021 〜 1/3/2022
The New Year event features a free 1* New Year Rei. The hard stages and treasure box have New Year Rei and Yui memory shards.
Rumble on Valentine's Day! Fight for Your Right to Love
JP: 1/31/2019 〜 2/14/2019
EN: 1/18/2022 〜 2/1/2022
The Valentines Day event features a free 1* Valentines Eriko. The hard stages and treasure box have Valentines Eriko and Rino memory shards. The Valentines Shizzle banner will also run along side the event.
Kasumi & Caon Event
JP: 2/28/2019 〜 3/14/2019
The Kasumi & Kaon event features Makoto and Yuki memory shards. The Kasumi banner will also coincide with this event.
Manaria Friends Event
JP: 3/31/2019 〜 4/12/2019
Another one of Cygame's collabs. This one features Manaria Friends. You can obtain a 1* Lou from this event. The memory pieces are for Lou and Io. In the gacha banners will be Grea and Anne.
Robo Lima Event
JP: 4/1/2019 〜 4/8/2019
This event is quite different from previous events. I mean it was for April Fools after all. It is basically a global DPS test. We'll update this section as the event gets closer.
Hatsune's Perfect Present Rerun Event
JP: 4/15/2019 〜 4/22/2019
The first of many rerun events. The drop rates and treasure boxes are modified for the rerun. In addition, a Very Hard version of the boss is added. Basically, from here on out, every other event will be a rerun in between new events.
Shogun Event
JP: 4/30/2019 〜 5/12/2019
This event features Kuka and Monika memory pieces. The Ooedo Kuka and Ninon banners will also be available during the event.
Little Lyrical Adventures Rerun Event
JP: 5/15/2019 〜 5/22/2019
Rerun of the Little Lyrical Adventures Event. The treasure box is modified as with the previous rerun and a Very Hard version of the boss is added.
Re:Zero Collab Event
JP: 5/31/2019 〜 6/14/2019
Let me preface by saying that I do not know if this event will happen or not. There is no indication one way or another. If it does happen as most people hope it does, it will be the first collab with a non-Cygames entity in the game. The event will feature a free 1* Ram and the memory pieces will be for Ram and Suzume. The corresponding gacha banners with this event is Rem and Emilia.

Last Update: January 17, 2022