The latest announcement from Crunchyroll Games has revealed that the second story event on EN/WW will be Little Lyrical Adventures and will start on March 22, 2021. This event will feature Mimi and Misogi memory shards. In today's article, we'll go over how events work and specifically how this one will play out. Information was obtained from the JP server when it first launched. Based on the past event, we should be following the JP reward chart as per the last event. We will update this page if that changes.

Kyoka Banner

Kyoka will be added with the latest story event. She'll be featured in a focus banner along with the rest of Little Lyrical. She is a good mage character and is the start of upcoming mage builds and will see some use. She is then added to the standard gacha pool so there is no need to roll a lot for her unless you really want to obtain her.

Little Lyrical Adventures! Story Event

As aforementioned, this is the second story event in the EN/WW server. Events generally give a generous amount of items, mana, jewels, and character memory shards. The characters featured in this event are Mimi and Misogi. On top of the rewards, it also adds a set of stories that can be viewed during the event and also provides rewards for completing them.


Events are broken down into two phases of stages similar to the main quest. However, you must clear all the normal stages and the normal boss before unlocking the hard stages. Normal stages start at 1-1 and go all the way up to 1-15. Clearing each stage for the first time also provides 30 jewels, an assortment of items, and boss tickets. After the first clear, they will still provide some items and more importantly boss tickets. These boss tickets are used to fight the boss of the event. We'll go over this more in-depth later.

After clearing the boss and stages 1-1 through to 1-15 on normal, you'll unlock the hard missions. These missions are similar to the main quest hard missions and have a chance to drop memory shards. Each first clear will also provide 3 of the memory pieces of the character indicated, boss tickets, items, and will also give the 30 jewel bonus. Each subsequent clear will then give a chance of dropping the memory pieces. You can only clear each hard stage 3 times a day. For the most part, you will want to clear each of these hard stages every day of the event to maximize your memory pieces gain. There is a large amount of luck involved from the hard missions but the memory pieces and the boss tickets are generally worth it.

Boss Battle

To fight the boss you'll need to obtain enough boss tickets to fight the boss. Each of the stages you clear from the event will provide boss tickets. The boss will come in both normal and hard. The normal boss should be easily cleared with any team while hard may pose a bit more of a challenge. Clearing bosses will also provide tokens to be used on the event treasure box. This is the real reason you'll be farming the event. We'll touch on this later on in the article.

The hard boss will have a larger pool of HP and also additional skills. Of course, with the more difficult boss, the rewards will also be greater. This version of the boss also does more damage and has a more difficult attack pattern once below 50% HP. (Think of it as them hitting their limit break.) We will recommend some potential parties below for those struggling to clear the hard version of the boss.

Difficulty HP Union Burst Skill 1 Skill 2
Normal 30,000 Large magic damage to all enemies based on the character's max HP. Physical damage to enemies within the front range. N/A
Hard 130,000 Very large magic damage to all enemies based on the character's max HP. Physical damage to enemies within the front range. Magic damage based on maximum HP to the character with the highest remaining HP and stuns them.

Suggested Teams

For the hard boss, a recommended team will feature a tank, two DPS characters, and two healers. This worked in JP assuming your characters are rank 7 and above and around level 75 or so. You may need to level up your characters or try different combinations to get a decent clear.

Yui Suzuna Yukari Kaori Miyako

Some potential changes can be made in both the tank and the DPS category. This guide is just mostly for characters most people will have. Feel free to try out other characters in these slots. Jun and Nozomi are decent alternatives in the tank section but you would need to swap out Kaori if you use Nozomi as she cannot be up front. While the DPS section can be replaced with most of the 3 star DPS characters such as Makoto, Djeeta, or the like. In addition, the flex DPS slot in the back can be filled with Shiori or Arisa. It is also possible to replace Yui with Chika. Yukari is not a must have but she is very good due to her magic damage shield. You can substitute in Rin into this slot as well.


We're finally onto the main point of each of these events. The rewards that come along with it. In addition to the first clear bonuses, there are also a set number of event treasure boxes. Think of it as a mini gacha machine but each one has a set number of items. To roll this treasure gacha box, you get pulls from defeating the event boss and completing daily missions. You do not need to clear out every single item in each box to move on to the next one. However, you will need to obtain the main items in the box. In this case, the main items are the memory shards for the characters. (You would want to collect these anyway.) The contents of each of the boxes are listed below.

Treasure Boxes

Box One
Item Quantity
Misogi Memory Shards x 20 1
Jewels x 5 5
Divine Amulets 20
Skip Tickets 15
Mana x 7,000 20
Rupies x 100 10
Random Equipment 300
Superior Refinement Crystals 5
Enhanced Refinement Crystals 10
Refinement Crystals 15
Super EXP Potion 5
EXP Portion 10
Mini EXP Potion 15
Total 431
Box Two
Item Quantity
Mimi Memory Shards x 25 1
Jewels x 10 10
Divine Amulets 25
Skip Tickets 20
Mana x 8,000 30
Rupies x 200 15
Random Equipment 380
Superior Refinement Crystals 7
Enhanced Refinement Crystals 12
Refinement Crystals 17
Super EXP Potion 7
EXP Portion 12
Mini EXP Potion 17
Total 553
Box Three
Item Quantity
Misogi Memory Shards x 30 1
Jewels x 15 15
Divine Amulets 30
Skip Tickets 20
Mana x 9,000 40
Rupies x 300 20
Random Equipment 480
Superior Refinement Crystals 9
Enhanced Refinement Crystals 14
Refinement Crystals 19
Super EXP Potion 9
EXP Portion 14
Mini EXP Potion 19
Total 690
Box Four
Item Quantity
Mimi Memory Shards x 40 1
Jewels x 25 20
Divine Amulets 35
Skip Tickets 25
Mana x 10,000 50
Rupies x 250 30
Random Equipment 550
Superior Refinement Crystals 11
Enhanced Refinement Crystals 16
Refinement Crystals 21
Super EXP Potion 11
EXP Portion 16
Mini EXP Potion 21
Total 807
Box Five+
Item Quantity
Jewels x 25 5
Divine Amulets 35
Skip Tickets 25
Mana x 10,000 50
Rupies x 250 30
Random Equipment 600
Superior Refinement Crystals 11
Enhanced Refinement Crystals 16
Refinement Crystals 21
Super EXP Potion 11
EXP Portion 16
Mini EXP Potion 21
Total 841

Total Memory Pieces

A breakdown of all the possible memory pieces gained from missions, story, and the boxes are listed here:

Location Misogi Mimi
Story Reward 4 4
Normal Quests 2 2
Hard Quests 6 9
Treasure Box 50 65
Event Missions 10 10
Total 72 90

Note: This does not include memory pieces from hard mission drops. These only include the ones you are guaranteed to get assuming you complete the tasks.

With that, this is the second event in Princess Connect! Re:Dive. From here on out, you'll likely see an event run at least once a month in between clan battles and future events such as Luna Tower. Good luck to everyone out there on the Little Lyrical Adventures event. I hope you enjoyed this guide and that it helps you on grinding out this event.

Last Update: March 18, 2021