Yuri show about screaming at trains.

Crossing Time is a show that's exactly as advertised. Two girls killing time at a railway crossing waiting for the train to go by. I would be lying if I said this show was on my radar. However, a good friend told me the manga was pretty funny and it might be worth a watch.

The good news is that Crossing Time is a short. That means regardless of quality, it will only last three and a half minutes.


At least the show doesn't take much time getting right into gear. Jokes aside, Crossing Time clearly makes fun of the whole situation throughout. The first episode features the two girls discussing their youth, which leads to the scenario seen above.

You can already see where this is headed. At the very least, the blue haired girl is pretty cute. One episode in and you already have the confession scene. Do we really need to watch the rest at this point?


Look, even the show itself knows there are better things to be done. Let's be honest though, clocking in at under four minutes, what else would you possibly do with that time? If you enjoy lighthearted yuri comedy, this may be the show for you.

Verdict: It's like watching an impending train wreck.

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