San Francisco, California, Seattle, Washington, San Diego, California, Bothell, Washington, Shoreline, Washington, San Jose, California, Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, Ontario (April 1, 2022) - Fansubbing has announced a major step toward becoming a sustained distribution channel for anime and gacha content by entering into a strategic initiative with Japanese industry leaders and transitioning from the definitive fan-ran resource to a professionally-produced content farm.

Effective today, we are announcing Prosubbing, a website that brings together all of our articles, guides, and investigative journalism under one new paywall. Prosubbing's focus will be to collect money and allow our authors to immediately retire comfortably, while helping readers connect, find information and communities, and grow intellectually.

Fansubbing is the world's largest anime and gacha focused content and shitposting blog, and with this partnership with the card in your wallet, is making a decisive transition from a platform for author-uploaded content to a platform for professionally-produced author-uploaded content. Prosubbing's online community of thousands of readers will be able to access the content in subscription-supported services.

One objective of the business model change is to combat online mooching. "Prosubbing's goal is to provide a fully legitimate blog platform so that anime and gacha fans can access the most popular articles in at timely manner via an authorized portal. We are redesigning the site toe ensure that all professionally-produced content with our authors is available at great cost. By requiring payment from fans and closing the free service that exists today, Prosubbing helps readers satisfy their craving for the latest anime and gacha shitposting while supporting right holders' efforts to monetize their content. This is a very exciting time to be a Prosubbing fan!"

To visit our new property, please visit

Prosubbing content helps make people feel like they've learned something, found a community that actually accepts them, and grew as an individual instead of being a worthless NEET. When Fansubbing launched in 2018, it changed the way people interact with anime shitposting. In later years our gacha guides further empowered thousands around the world. Now, Prosubbing is moving beyond free content toward immersive experiences like paywalled articles to help build the next evolution in content-farm technology.