From the onset of Fansubbing, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality content that is the consummate example of excellence in our field. From exclusive interviews to being the forefront assets of mobile gaming, Fansubbing has truly redefined what it means to be an anime culture blog on the internet in 2022.

But, just as the world has evolved over the past number of years, we too have seen the core requirements of our business evolve and change. Heavy weighs the industry thoughtleader crown, and we take it upon ourselves to rethink our personal identity and brand to ensure we are set up for success for years and years to come.

Lesser organizations would chicken out by throwing around trending buzzwords and making hollow promises. Web 3.0? Blockchain? Hollow words cast into a meaningless abyss, devoid of intrinsic value intended as cover for their greater operation of burning venture capital money. But nestled behind the facade of crypto is a core pillar of what business ultimate rely on: legitimacy.

The anime blog metasphere is no different. Legitimacy is at the core of our operations, and business that can prove their legitimacy stand above and beyond the rest. When you read an article on Fansubbing today, you know that you are getting legitimate insight, backed by official sources and industry thoughtleading wisdom. But we thought we could do more on this front, to legitimatize ourselves even more.

As such, we are transitioning our naming from Fansubbing to Prosubbing, effectively immediately. As we've grown into our space, our work has evolved from fan-based content, to professional-grade content that is used by countless people worldwide for their everyday, daily quest needs. Our new name and professional mindset reflects our new purpose as an organization, and will have ripple effects on the way we write, produce, and release content going forward.

We will continue to approach our work with a certain degree of seriousness and at least try to maintain a standard.

Thank you for your continued support.

- The Founders of Fansubbing