I'd be To-LIE-ing to you if I said this show was going to be anything special.

Love To-LIE-Angle is a show about three girls stuck in a love triangle and getting into promiscuous situations by the whims of fate. Or, as this poorly translated PV for the show that I found online says, "the story is about pervert with fellow woman, and it's harem life."

Basically, imagine To LOVE-Ru, but the MC was a girl instead of a guy, and as a result they heavily played up the lesbian undertones. Like, they're not even undertones. To-LIE-Angle is all about the lesbian overtones, and for a three minute show, it's pretty jam-packed with them.


Unfortunately, the show suffers from the fact that the source material just... isn't that interesting. There's only so many risque situations and innuendos you can make before things become stale, and things get stale pretty quickly in the original manga. Citrus got around this by adding incest and forced drama into the mix, and Sakura Trick, well, was Sakura Trick, but there's not a lot To-LIE-Angle has going for it outside of appealing to the simple-minded yuri fans out there.

To-LIE-Angle really wants to be the yuri version of To LOVE-Ru. I'm not sure that's a good ideal to strive for, considering To LOVE-Ru's track record, but who know, it may hit that mark. It won't turn any heads and it won't open people's eyes to the world of yuri anime, but if you're already into that stuff, this is probably a guilty pleasure anime that you won't mind watching. For everyone else, well, I'd say stay clear.

Verdict: You already know if you're watching this or not