Sugar and spice, but not a whole lot that's nice.

Before we talk about My Sweet Tyrant, we need to talk about the elephant in the room: "My Sweet Tyrant" is not a very apt translation for "Akkun to Kanojo". It doesn't have any references or homages to the original Japanese title. In fact, when researching for this article, I literally could not find the Japanese title of the show when searching Google for "My Sweet Tyrant". I'm very mad about that. Anyway, enough ranting about the translated title, let's talk about the show itself.

It's not very good.

The show revolves around a girl named Non and a guy named Atsuhiro. The two are dating, but Atsuhiro is super harsh and mean to Non, because—surprise!—he's a male tsundere, and he's secretly head-over-heels. It's to the point where he'll secretly take photos of Non. Or secretly record her voice and play it back. Or try and discover ways of preserving her scent.

If that sounds like a stalker to you, congratulations! That's his shtick.


The show is getting a whopping 25 episodes(!), but they're all 3 minutes long (eww). The source material has been rolling since 2013, which presumably means that there's a decent amount of story to go on, but the characters are so simple and the premise so boring that I can't imagine dedicating half a year to watching this show.

If you want an actually interesting show that scratches that same rom-com itch, with actually interesting characters and an english title that actually makes sense, there's plenty of better shows that will meet those needs.

Verdict: Go watch My Little Monster instead