As we have now gotten confirmation of Clan Battles in Princess Connect! Re:Dive starting on February 10, 2021, we thought we would write up a short guide on how clan battle works, and post some of the details on the clan battle monsters you will be fighting.


Clan Battles are competitive events where clans battle monsters in attempts to deal the most damage to them. Damage done is then calculated into points and is used to tabulate the final score for a clan at the end of the event.

Each player in a clan may earn up to three attempts per day. The attempts are earned by using stamina in normal and hard stages. Each point of stamina used is converted to one CP. For every 300 CP, you are able to attempt a fight against a monster. For the maximum of 3 runs per day, you would have to spend 900 stamina and earn 900 CP.

For each attempt, you are given 90 seconds to do as much damage to the monster as possible. In addition, you may only use each character in your party one time over all your attempts. This is where borrowing a fellow clan member's unit will be useful, since you are able to borrow each character from a clan member once per day. For example, you could technically have Makoto in all three of your daily attempts, assuming you have your own Makoto, and borrow her two times from different members.

Any additional time left over from when you finish off a monster is then carried over in a set amount to be used in the next fight with the same party.

In conclusion, the event is a competition event when you try to do the most damage and gain the most points as a clan. The clans are then ranked against one another.

Clan Battle July (07-25-2021 to 07-30-2021):

The next Clan Battle to be featured in EN/WW will be the July Clan battle. From now on, the Clan Battles will be listed by month. Previous clan battle information can be found on our previous clan battles page linked on the bottom. The following information is taken from the JP server and is being used as a base for the monster stats. This will be updated if EN/WW differs. Hopefully, this can help you plan ahead a little.

In JP, this clan battle, as with previous clan battles also featured stronger monsters after the first lap. There are a few things to note about this clan battle and we'll go over them below.

Let's take a look at the monsters for July. I hope you've prepared a magic team!

Monster HP Phys/Mag Def Union Burst Skill 1 Skill 2
Wyvern 6,000,000 200/200
Medium physical damage to enemies in front. N/A N/A
Wild Griffin 8,000,000 200/200
Medium magic damage to enemies in front. N/A N/A
Wraithlord 10,000,000 150/150
Large magic damage to all enemies. Physical damage to all enemies. Large magic damage to all enemies. Large magic damage to physical attackers and lowering their action speed. N/A
Cyclops 12,000,000 150/150
Big physical damage to enemies in front + action speed down. Physical damage based on highest maximum HP and lowers TP. N/A
Medusa 20,000,000 180/180
Large magical damage to all enemies. Petrifies enemies in the front. Medium physical damage to front 3 enemies. Reduce TP of petrified enemies. Large magic damage + poison enemy with highest physical attack.

In terms of strategies, you just want to maximize the damage you do in each run. You also want to coordinate with your clan to see who should finish off each monster to save some time and make it more efficient - generally speaking, weaker clan members should deal finishing blows to a monster. We are sure there will be plenty of guides on this subject, as well as example parties and recommended practices.

Some things to watch out for this clan battle.

  • Bosses 1 and 2 should be fairly straightforward now.
  • Boss 3 is a boss to be careful of. He does a large amount of damage to physical attackers and lowers their action speed which heavily reduces your damage. Prepare a magic team for this boss.
  • Boss 5 is also annoying as it petrifies your front 3 units. You'll want to prepare your team accordingly. Note petrified enemies also lose TP from the boss' skill 1.
  • You've probably seen some guides from JP or CN by now. They had Summer Tamaki, we do not. You'll have to work your way around that one. Tamaki is a viable alternative even if she doesn't provide the same amount of damage.

Below are the rewards found for the July Clan Battle, as obtained from Crunchyroll's announcement and JP information regarding the latest set of memory shards.


Rank Rewards
10,000 Jewels
5,000 Clan Coins
30 Memory Shards
8,000 Jewels
5,000 Clan Coins
30 Memory Shards
6,000 Jewels
5,000 Clan Coins
30 Memory Shards
4,500 Jewels
4,500 Clan Coins
25 Memory Shards
4,000 Jewels
4,000 Clan Coins
20 Memory Shards
3,500 Jewels
3,500 Clan Coins
18 Memory Shards
3,000 Jewels
3,000 Clan Coins
16 Memory Shards
2,500 Jewels
2,500 Clan Coins
14 Memory Shards
2,000 Jewels
2,000 Clan Coins
12 Memory Shards
1,500 Jewels
1,500 Clan Coins
10 Memory Shards
1,000 Jewels
1,000 Clan Coins
8 Memory Shards
750 Jewels
750 Clan Coins
7 Memory Shards
500 Jewels
500 Clan Coins
5 Memory Shards

Previous Clan Battle Data:

We have now moved previous clan battle data to another article in order to keep this up-to-date with the latest information. You can find previous data below.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive Previous Clan Battles
Information about previous Clan Battles on the EN/WW server of Princess Connect! Re:Dive.

Last Update: July 25, 2021