If you're totally new to Clan Battle, we wrote this guide to teach you the basics as well as give you some tips to squeeze out a little bit more damage, but if you've already got the hang of it, read on for a preview of the upcoming bosses.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive Clan Battle Basics
This guide is meant as a resource both for people who are completely new to clanbattles and people who want to get a little bit better at Clan Battle. If you’realready in a high level clan you probably won’t get anything out of thisarticle, but hopefully we’ve got some tips for you if you’re look…

Clan Battle September (09-18-2021 to 09-23-2021):

The next Clan Battle in EN/WW will feature the starbeast of Scorpio, Lesathapult. If you're looking for previous clan battle information, it can be found on our previous clan battles page linked at the bottom of this one. The following information is taken from the JP server and is being used as a base for the monster stats and skills. This will be updated if EN/WW differs. Hopefully, this can help you plan ahead a little.

This clan battle, as with previous clan battles, also featured stronger monsters after the first lap in JP. If we follow the JP schedule, the October clan battle should have three tiers of bosses instead of two. We'll see where things go from here. There are a few things to note about this clan battle and we'll go over them below.

Let's take a look at the monsters for September. I hope you've prepared a magic team for the last boss!

Monster HP Phys/Mag Def Union Burst Skill 1 Skill 2
Wyvern 6,000,000 200/200
Medium physical damage to enemies in front. N/A N/A
Rai-Rai 8,000,000 200/200
Medium magic damage to all enemies. (In place of a normal attack) Small magic damage to the back 2 enemies. N/A
Needle Creeper 10,000,000 200/200
Medium physical damage to enemies in front + (2 seconds/4 seconds) paralysis. Poison (4 seconds) + Physical Def down (8 seconds) for enemies in the front. N/A
Titanoturtle 12,000,000 200/200
Large physical damage to all enemies. Retreats into its shell for 4 seconds. After 4 seconds, it attacks and deals 40% of the damage it took while retreated back to all enemies as additional physical damage. N/A
Lesathapult 20,000,000 180/70
Large physical damage to all enemies. Increases damage each time the UB is activated (up to 3 times.) Medium physical damage + poison to enemies in the front range. Removes all debuffs from itself and increases physical def by 35%.

Some things to watch out for this clan battle:

  • Bosses 1 and 2 are the same as the previous clan battle. If you ran a magic team vs boss 2 last CB, you should consider running it against boss 5 instead this time.
  • We haven't seen Needle Creeper for a few months now, so you might be able to run a tankless team more easily this time with the higher levels and ranks.
  • For boss 4, full auto players might want to switch to semi-auto, turning off auto while the turtle retreats into its shell. Higher level players might want to deliberately UB against the retreated turtle to get damaged for increased TP gain.
  • Boss 5 is the scorpion, which has the lowest magic defense of any CB boss we've seen so far. If you have a viable magic team, this is the boss to use it against, but it may have trouble surviving without additional healing. A 5* Misato might be enough, but consider prepping Shizuru or Yui just in case. Physical teams are also still viable vs this boss, but be aware of its 7 second physical defense boost.

Below are the rewards found for the July Clan Battle, as obtained from Crunchyroll's announcement and JP information regarding the latest set of memory shards.


Rank Rewards
10,000 Jewels
5,000 Clan Coins
30 Memory Shards
8,000 Jewels
5,000 Clan Coins
30 Memory Shards
6,000 Jewels
5,000 Clan Coins
30 Memory Shards
4,500 Jewels
4,500 Clan Coins
25 Memory Shards
4,000 Jewels
4,000 Clan Coins
20 Memory Shards
3,500 Jewels
3,500 Clan Coins
18 Memory Shards
3,000 Jewels
3,000 Clan Coins
16 Memory Shards
2,500 Jewels
2,500 Clan Coins
14 Memory Shards
2,000 Jewels
2,000 Clan Coins
12 Memory Shards
1,500 Jewels
1,500 Clan Coins
10 Memory Shards
1,000 Jewels
1,000 Clan Coins
8 Memory Shards
750 Jewels
750 Clan Coins
7 Memory Shards
500 Jewels
500 Clan Coins
5 Memory Shards

Previous Clan Battle Data:

We have now moved previous clan battle data to another article in order to keep this one up-to-date with the latest information. You can find previous data below.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive Previous Clan Battles
Information about previous Clan Battles on the EN/WW server of Princess Connect! Re:Dive.

Last Update: September 6, 2021